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What you do the most shapes the body,

and what you think the most shapes the brain.

In this section, we will learn about how yoga and meditation help anxiety, depression, insomnia, eating disorders, trauma, and addiction. We will cover the science and studies that explain how stress, genetics, and environment affect the the system and how the practices help prevent, stabilize, and heal the body. Using hatha, vinyasa, and yin styles of yoga will will learn about how yoga and meditation affect the body, brain, and DNA. All levels, this is part lecture part movement. 

Mental Health 

Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, & PTSD

Focused on how the practices change our bodies and our brains. After many years I'm able to explain how and why. We will break down what we call the "profiles" and what this mean is that somebody who has anxiety, lower weight, and/or PTSD might have a different practice than someone with no anxiety but who experiences depression and/or addiction. 

One size does not fit all!

This is for everyone, if you are new to yoga or have been practicing for years. If you are a teacher this is for you too! If we want our student to heal and progess then we have to stop putting them in boxes.

Yoga is for everyone!


In this section we learn about the neurobiological affects of sleep and how the practices of yoga and meditation help us sleep and how this affects our immunity, fertility, mental health, gut/disgestive, and so much more. This workshops will help us to understand our bio individual sleeps needs and how to create sleep profile for ourselves and clients. This workshop is all levels and available to everyone. 


Yogic Sleep

Yin Yoga

for transformation 

Learning the basics of what Yin Yoga is. Its lineage, what makes it different than other practices, and what makes it work. We will learn the fundamentals, target areas, and way to create a bio indivdual practice. This is all levels and suitable for beginners, as well as teachers who want to learn more about the neurobiology of yin yoga and its profound effects on mental health, digestion, and sleep. 

Contact Me

I would love to bring these sections to your studio or space. Please reach out if you would like to host me.

Any of the sections can be combined for a workshop. 

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