Yin Yoga

Teacher Training

"It is our hope to bring people into the inner depth of self-awareness and spiritual growth through the practice of Yin Yoga"

In this Yin Yoga training, Sarasvati and Matthew will present a brief but in-depth look at several key aspects of the yoga practice. They will present a classical approach to yogic development and include the most exciting aspects of how modern scientific research is "finally" demonstrating the changes that have been happening for Yogi's since the dawn of written history. The specific topics that will be covered are Asana, Meditation, Chakra theory, Neuroscience, and Muscle-skeletal-fascial anatomy. This training will cover 100 hours of content over the course of 12 weeks. 

Sarasvati Hewitt

After 14 years of teaching yoga, I am overjoyed to announce that Matthew Schulman & I will begin teacher training this fall.

Yin Yoga. Kung-Fu. Anatomy. Physiology. Qigong. Tai Ci. Neuropsychology. Neuroendocrinology. And SO much more.

Matthew Schulman

Master bodyworker and energy worker with 16 years of training in private apprenticeships and 11 years of full-time experience.  He combines knowledge from his training in Kung Fu and Chinese Medical Theory, Anatomy & Physiology, Therapeutic Massage, and Meditation to address all of a persons needs in the healing process.  Along with his training and experience, Matthew has taught massage at the Ashland Institute of Massage since 2007 and has instructed 100's of students in Kinesiology, Therapeutic Massage, Chinese Medical Theory, Chi Gong, A&P/Pathology.


We will meet every Saturday and Sunday beginning September 12th, 2020 to November 22th, 2020


 1:00 - 3:30 pm AND 5:30 - 7:30pm 

Sundays 12:15 - 3:45pm 

Held at NOW PDX


Early Bird Price: $1450

(available till March15th) 

Regular: $1650 


Space is limited and this will sell out.

Secure your spot with a $300 deposit. 


All deposits paid before March 15 will receive the early bird pricing. 


Information on final payment will be provided after you sign up. Payment plans are available. Full payment must be received by the conclusion of the training. 


All sales are final. No refunds or transfers or credits. Deposits are non refundable


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